Wanting to believe

I had been in a long distance relationship with a former boyfriend from college for over a year when reality hit: This guy is a total douchebag. He had contacted me 20 years after college – just shortly after my divorce – so it seemed like perfect timing. Ha! He told me how he still had feelings for me after all these years. He explained that he had married, had two children (now teens), and that he and his wife had been separated for several years now, and that their divorce was taking longer due to financial issues needing to be sorted out. I know what you are thinking: I was a fool to believe him. Over the time we were together, I was never allowed to visit him or meet his daughters. I was not allowed to be his friend on Facebook, and pretty much everything was a secret. Things came to a crashing halt on New Year’s Eve. He canceled his plans to come visit and spend it with me, and told me he would be taking his two daughters out to dinner.   I did not hear from him that evening or for a few days, and after not getting a call back from my messages I left (yes, I know, what a pathetic move on my part), in a desperate move, I decided to look on his daughter’s Facebook page. And there it was: Photos of him with his wife and two daughters ringing in the new year at a neighbor’s house.

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Happy New Year

I was in a great relationship – or so I thought. On this particular New Year’s Eve, my husband and I had decided to stay home and not do anything special. In terms of background, we had been together for several years, were college sweethearts, and at that time we had two children – a child in elementary school and a new baby. On that evening, I was not feeling well, so I headed to bed early and left my husband to watch the Times Square festivities on the television. Later that evening, I awoke and decided to go downstairs to join my husband in the living room. As I rounded the corner to the livingroom, I found my husband having sex with my child’s music teacher in the middle of the floor. Let’s just say, I divorced a douchebag.

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